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Nonprofits are the innovators democracy has been waiting for. 


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We support community groups taking the lead in bringing out the vote.  Since 2014 their results have been dramatic.

Photo by Karen Smul

Learning how to educate and register voters at Phipps Neighborhoods

Leveraging communities to maximize their voting power.


Learn about the fight for the right to vote with this timeline activity.
Includes: instructions, timeline cards and facilitator notes. 

Timeline Card #1
What happened in 1788?
U.S. Constitution Adopted and Voting Left to States
Why it matters to voting history...
The U.S. Constitution grants states the power to establish standards for voting rights. For decades states only allowed white men who owned property to vote. Some states also used religious tests so only white, Christian men could vote. In 1789 only 6% of the population was eligible to vote for the first president, George Washington. Gradually, state legislators expanded voting rights to non-land owning white males.


"Our partnership with Community Votes provided Riis with a clear and compelling way to achieve

our mission of acting as a catalyst for change.” 


Chris Hanway, Executive Director

  Jacob A. Riis Settlement Neighborhood Settlement


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