National Voter Registration Day at Jacob Riis Neighborhood Community Center

Our Approach to Voter Engagement

To get more people out on Election Day, Community Votes builds off the methods voter research says are most effective. Our capacity building increases the confidence of nonprofit staff to implement nonpartisan voter outreach programs.

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Check out the Toolkit to find out all the ways your nonprofit can get more people out for this year’s election. 

Registering voters for Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

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Our Services

Our approach is practical, grassroots and cost-effective. We understand many community-based service organizations work directly with citizens who traditionally don’t exercise their right to vote and are uniquely positioned to turn more citizens into voters. Our services include:    



  • Why Voting Matters

  • How to Conduct Nonpartisan Voter Activities

  • Developing a Voter Engagement Plan


On-Site Support 

  • Identifying opportunities to collaborate with local advocates and organizers

  • Providing templates for outreach materials such as I Pledge to Vote Cards

  • Providing a customized neighborhood voting profile

  • Designing a system to track and report on voter registration and turnout


Evaluation ​

  • Data and report documenting impact on turnout