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Our Services

Our approach is practical, grassroots and cost-effective. Many community-based service organizations work directly with citizens who traditionally don’t exercise their right to vote and are uniquely positioned to reach into some of the city’s poorest communities to turn more citizens into voters. 

Customized Neighborhood Voter Profile

  • Eligible and Registered Voters and Turnout for Targeted Neighborhoods

  • Who Represents the Neighborhood



  • Why Voting Matters

  • How to Conduct Nonpartisan Voter Activities

  • Developing a Voter Engagement Plan


On-Site Support 

  • Identifying opportunities to collaborate with local advocates and organizers

  • Providing templates for outreach materials such as I Pledge to Vote Cards

  • Designing a system to track and report on voter registration and turnout


Evaluation ​

  • Data and report documenting impact on turnout

For more information, call 212-894-3372 or email lhackett@communityvotes.org

Louisa Hackett, Director

Louisa founded Community Votes in 2013. Through her work at Community Resource Exchange providing consulting services to New York City nonprofit organizations, she recognized the assets direct service organizations have to turn more citizens into voters.

Board of Advisors

Emily Adams, Social Impact Consultant

Michael Greene, Greene Consulting: Violence Prevention, Program Strategies and Evaluation

Les Leopold, Executive Director and President, The Labor Institute

Monique Owens, Documentation and Learning Specialist, Open Buffalo

Photo by Karen Smul for the New York Community Trust

Louisa Hackett (left) of Community Votes trains Phipps Neighborhoods staff  Yushu'a Smith (standing) and students to register and educate clients of this Bronx nonprofit.